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Get Heat Back with Simple Furnace Repair Tips

2 Jul

Suffering through a cold night isn’t something that one would want to experience. When your home’s furnace has a problem, it’s often a smart idea to call the professionals immediately. However, before you spend your money, it wouldn’t hurt to try a few things first to get your heating system going again.

  • Furnace Doesn’t Heat. The most basic problem that furnace owners face is when a furnace just doesn’t warm anything. This can probably be traced to a wrongly-set thermostat. If it is at the temperature that you want, the problem can be traced to it being faulty or the pilot light is out. Just relight the pilot light if it has gone out, but for a broken thermostat, you’ll need professional repair service.
  • Noisy Furnace. Furnaces are supposed to be quiet. If you start hearing clanking noises inside your furnace, there’s definitely something wrong in there. It’s usually in the furnace motor, so all you have to do is to check it to see if the belts need replacement or any of the parts need lubrication.
  • Furnace Turns Itself On or Off. This problem is often due to a dirty filter. All you’ll need to do is to replace your air filter or to clean it. Do this regularly to avoid the reoccurrence of the problem.



Maximize Furnace Efficiency with Help from Toledo Furnace Experts

5 Feb

“With people’s increased dependency on their electric furnace to keep warm these days, it has become even more critical to ensure that heating systems are used wisely. Toledo, Ohio homeowners should make sure that their heating systems are working at optimum efficiency, and are free from defects or damages that can diminish the systems’ performance. Homeowners would also be well-advised to call on a dependable Toledo furnace specialist to inspect their systems and detect any problem that may result to heating inefficiencies.

One of the common problems with an electric furnace involves the thermostat. At times, the cause of a thermostat malfunction is simple enough that no professional help is required, like the need for new batteries. On other occasions, however, the root causes of problems are more complex, and may be detected only through the expertise of Toledo furnace repair professionals.”

How You Can Save on Toledo Furnace Costs, Even in the Depths of Winter

4 Dec

Castle also notes that the Energy Information Administration, or EIA, attributes the potential cost increase to factors such as changing weather patterns, local variations in gas production, and pipeline conditions. Natural gas and heating oil are among the most common power sources for HVAC furnaces. Additionally, EIA officials note that a recent bout of Arctic winds led heating oil to cost as much as $0.30 a gallon.

To get the most out of an existing furnace, experts at furnace repair in Toledo can be tasked to look over the machine and fix it as required. They can look out for issues in parts including the ductwork, filters, and carbon monoxide detectors. The deep winter will always pose challenges for the homeowner and the HVAC system keeping his place warm. A reputable company will always find ways to efficiently stoke your furnace at lower costs to you.

Why Toledo Furnace and Heating Maintenance and Check-Ups are Vital

1 Nov

A reliable company should also employ some of the latest technology, parts, and equipment when handling repairs and maintenance. Furthermore, homeowners should ensure their choice employs certified and experienced technicians who are qualified to handle even the most complicated issues in heating systems. Companies in Ohio like Action Heating provide fast, reliable, and professional furnace repair for Toledo homeowners.

With the indispensability of heaters and furnaces, proper care and attention should be given to them, not only to ensure their efficiency, but more importantly, the safety of families.

The Consequences of Having No Heaters During Winter

8 Sep

There are people who live for the winter and anticipate snowball fights and freezing nights. However, too much cold can be bad for the health, as those who do not have access to HVAC systems would most likely realize. The absence of a heater during winter can have major consequences that will affect your health and life. 

One of these is hypothermia, which is a condition wherein the body temperature suddenly drops to 35 degrees Celsius or less. Anyone, especially the elderly, run the risk of contracting hypothermia during winter, which can cause the heart to slow down significantly. Aside from turning heaters on, you can avoid hypothermia by wearing multi-layered clothing, gloves, socks, and hats.

Colds and flu can be felt even when it’s not winter, but they become more prevalent during the season.  This is because viruses stay in the air longer when it’s cold and dry, which gives them more time to invade the systems of their victims. The warm air from the heater will significantly neutralize temperatures in your home, so it’s a must to have it up and running.

These are just some of the health risks brought about by the cold weather. Stay safe and make sure your HVAC systems are in good condition before you and your family get bitten by winter’s icy fangs.