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Why Gas Furnace Repair Isn’t a DIY Task

5 May

If you made the switch from an electric furnace to a gas furnace, you can expect a drop in your utility costs because it is generally cheaper to run gas furnaces than electric furnaces. However, keep in mind that gas furnace use is not trouble-free; it’s typical to run into problems with your gas furnace when you use the system frequently.

However, unlike an electric furnace where some problems can be solved without professional help, any problem you experience with your gas furnace most likely requires qualified HVAC specialists. The reason for this is because gas furnaces present a few hazards to those who are unfamiliar with how they run.
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Spring Cleaning is Perfect for Furnace Repairs

3 Apr

The winter season is thankfully ending, and many families are now busy with spring cleaning. From sprucing up the home to maintaining cars, spring is the perfect time to check on any damage winter may have wrought, and get everything feeling and functioning like new. It is also the perfect time to have home furnaces repaired after keeping the home warm for the duration of the cold winter.


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Understanding the Colorful World of Furnace Wiring

5 Mar

Understanding a furnace’s wiring allows you to install a thermostat with ease. At plain sight, it’s a jungle of colored wires connected somewhere in the system, but the confusion brought about by these wires should be minimized, knowing what the colors stand for. Thermostat installation relies on this information to help integrate the controls to the HVAC system.

Today’s thermostats require more wires due to their expanded array of controls. The most basic thermostats, mechanical ones with a tube filled with mercury designed as an automatic control, require a pair of wires to be attached to it. The common colors for this are red-heat and white, but both wires are designed only to provide heat. Continue reading

Safety Tips for Furnace Repairs after a Flood

12 Feb

Whether it’s a horrible storm or a broken gutter system that caused basement flooding, homeowners should make sure that all equipment (especially electric ones) are cleaned and dried before use. Your furnace for one could cause great damage from a disaster like this. Continue reading

Furnace Repairs: Common Risk Factors

14 Jan

Heating systems regulate indoor temperatures and are, consequently, must-haves for most households across the country. Timely and thorough furnace maintenance is also crucial to ensuring optimum indoor thermal comfort during winter. Sometimes, however, hidden damage and sudden malfunctions in these appliances can cause fires, explosions, and even unseen dangers such as gas and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Without a doubt, these safety risks raise the importance of having regular furnace tune-ups and maintenance. Therefore, it is imperative for homeowners to find out which parts of their heating systems need attention so they can hire a competent contractor who can take care of all the necessary upgrades or repairs. Such a company must perform a thorough assessment and diagnosis of a malfunctioning furnace to pinpoint potential damage. Moreover, the firm must provide estimates that include a detailed breakdown of the services they will conduct.

A reliable company should also employ some of the latest technology, parts, and equipment when carrying out repair and maintenance tasks. Furthermore, homeowners should ensure that their chosen contractors employ certified and experienced technicians who are qualified to handle the most complicated heating issues. In any case, homeowners should refrain from fixing these problems themselves if possible because they risk causing more damage to their furnaces.

Furnace Filters: Out with the Old, In with the New

3 Dec

Every heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system will have an array of filters set up at certain places in the network, such as the ductwork grilles. Available in various models, the filters live up to their name by stopping foreign material from contaminating the interior. However, even they have their limits and can get saturated before long. Health problems can ensue if you do not act on them fast.

Some HVAC experts state that changing the filters will depend on their base material. The most common filter products are made of fiberglass, and are capable of trapping large particles. The downside is you have to dispose of them within two months. Pleated paper filters are slightly more effective, as they capture finer particles and last between four months to a year depending on the degree of interior activity.

If you are looking for long-lasting value, your contractor may recommend installing electrostatic filters, which are geared against finer airborne particles and smoke. They can be easily cleaned with a spray of water from a garden hose. HEPA filters will effectively work on households with allergy-prone members.

You’re doing your furnace a great favor by replacing the filter. It allows the machine to remain at optimum efficiency.

Signs That a Furnace Needs Repair

21 Sep

You can’t afford to have a broken furnace, especially if you have yet to see the end of winter. To keep the temperature from dropping at unfathomable levels, you should be aware of the condition of your HVAC systems like the furnace. It’s important to know the telltale signs that a furnace needs repair to keep yourself warm during the winter.

Strange Noises

 Does your furnace seem to be wailing during certain moments of the day? It must be because there’s really something to cry about. Loose belts, ignition problems, and other parts that may not be long for this world have been known to cause furnaces to emit weird sounds. If these strange noises reach your ear, get professional help ASAP.

Dysfunctional Thermostat 

Ideally, cranking up a furnace’s thermostat should immediately raise the temperature. If this doesn’t happen, then problems might have arisen from a faulty thermostat and leaking ducts. You can pinpoint the source of the inconvenience with the help of expert HVAC technicians who will administer repairs when needed.

High Electric Bills 

Paying for a huge electric bill is okay only if you know that you have truly exhausted the furnace. If you seldom switch furnaces on yet you continue shelling out a huge amount of money to keep your electricity from being disconnected, check and see if this crisis is due to the furnace.

Don’t play dumb. Take responsibility for your furnace, which does everything in its power to grant you with a good life.