Why Gas Furnace Repair Isn’t a DIY Task

5 May

If you made the switch from an electric furnace to a gas furnace, you can expect a drop in your utility costs because it is generally cheaper to run gas furnaces than electric furnaces. However, keep in mind that gas furnace use is not trouble-free; it’s typical to run into problems with your gas furnace when you use the system frequently.

However, unlike an electric furnace where some problems can be solved without professional help, any problem you experience with your gas furnace most likely requires qualified HVAC specialists. The reason for this is because gas furnaces present a few hazards to those who are unfamiliar with how they run.

For instance, when an important component in a gas furnace— like a heat exchanger— breaks or develops cracks, the system won’t just fail to work properly, it can lead to safety problems too. Defective heat exchangers can cause flame failure and allow dangerous carbon monoxide into the property.

You can try fixing the cracks in the heat exchangers using a welder and melting a piece of sheet metal to serve as fillers for the cracks, but be sure to have your safety glasses and gloves when doing so. Heat exchangers may also be replaced, though this is something that laypeople can do since the furnace has to be disassembled and then reassembled.


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