Safety Tips for Furnace Repairs after a Flood

12 Feb

Whether it’s a horrible storm or a broken gutter system that caused basement flooding, homeowners should make sure that all equipment (especially electric ones) are cleaned and dried before use. Your furnace for one could cause great damage from a disaster like this.

Pump out

Make sure that every bit of the flood is removed from your basement before proceeding with furnace repair (you can do it yourself or hire a professional). Use a submersible pump to redirect the water away from your basement to somewhere safe, preferably away from your home’s foundations.

Loosen and Clean

Loosen the supply line as well as pilot line, main burner and the thermocouple. Look for the burner assembly, pull it out of its chamber and clean any debris or dirt that might have stuck to it as a result of the flood. Wipe it down with a clean rag and let it dry before putting it back in place.

Other Cleaning Needs

You should also clean the blower burner’s vent screen with a dry rag before replacing the burner assembly. Use an air hose to blow out all the ports of the control unit until you all traces of water has been removed.


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