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What AFUE Does for Toledo Heating

17 Feb

AFUE is an acronym for annual fuel utilization efficiency. Toledo heating experts use that rating to determine the energy efficiency of a gas or oil furnace. Specifically, it measures the percentage of energy a system uses to generate heat.

How AFUE is calculated

Calculation of AFUE begins as a ratio of heating power output over energy input, both measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. Multiplying that ratio by 100 will finally indicate the AFUE of the heating system. Continue reading


Safety Tips for Furnace Repairs after a Flood

12 Feb

Whether it’s a horrible storm or a broken gutter system that caused basement flooding, homeowners should make sure that all equipment (especially electric ones) are cleaned and dried before use. Your furnace for one could cause great damage from a disaster like this. Continue reading

Maximize Furnace Efficiency with Help from Toledo Furnace Experts

5 Feb

“With people’s increased dependency on their electric furnace to keep warm these days, it has become even more critical to ensure that heating systems are used wisely. Toledo, Ohio homeowners should make sure that their heating systems are working at optimum efficiency, and are free from defects or damages that can diminish the systems’ performance. Homeowners would also be well-advised to call on a dependable Toledo furnace specialist to inspect their systems and detect any problem that may result to heating inefficiencies.

One of the common problems with an electric furnace involves the thermostat. At times, the cause of a thermostat malfunction is simple enough that no professional help is required, like the need for new batteries. On other occasions, however, the root causes of problems are more complex, and may be detected only through the expertise of Toledo furnace repair professionals.”

Saving Propane Supply: Call Toledo HVAC Specialists for Urgent Repairs

3 Feb

“With the news of a dwindling supply of propane, households that use propane furnaces have to make the most out of what they have by ensuring their heating system is performing optimally. Unfortunately, while a propane furnace is an efficient way to warm a home, this form of heating system is prone to a few technical problems, especially in one that has aged, or has not been properly maintained. Some of these problems are best left in the hands of a reliable Toledo HVAC contractor.

For example, when a propane furnace is not producing the expected heat even with sufficient fuel supply, the likely problem could be a defective furnace ignitor. In a case like this, homeowners should immediately call on a Toledo HVAC repair professional for repairs, or risk running their propane supply empty while enduring a cold home. The HVAC repair specialist will most likely replace the flawed furnace ignitor with a new one.”