Simple Heating Maintenance You can Do Yourself

23 Jan

Your home’s heating system is the most essential gear to help you live comfortably during cold weather. However, you can’t just neglect it when it’s not in use. As a matter of fact, you should do your heating maintenance around spring or summer, to maintain optimal heating performance and efficiency.


Clean out your filters before and after prolonged usage. The rule of thumb is to replace it when you can’t see through it anymore, because of accumulated dust and debris. Don’t worry though, as replacement filters aren’t expensive, and their cleanliness is invaluable to the air quality inside your home.

Belts and Pulleys

You should also look into the condition of the belts and pulleys around the furnace’s motor. Glazing or cracks typically indicate the need for replacement belts. Moreover, belts could also loosen with continuous work, so make sure to tighten as necessary.


For electric furnaces, check to see if the fuses are worn out or if they’ve blown, as they can cause your heating system to operate erratically. Check with your heater’s manufacturer or an electrician if you’re unsure as to where these fuses are located.

For professional heating maintenance, it is recommended to call certified HVAC contractors. They can assure a comprehensive and thorough service to keep your heating system optimally running.


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