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Trusted Toledo HVAC Company Offers Thanksgiving Furnace Tune-Up Deals

31 Oct

Toledo, Ohio (October 30, 2013) – Action Heating and Air Conditioning is offering a special Thanksgiving deal on furnace tune-ups, which are now priced at $49 instead of $89.95. With the seasonal promo, the trusted Toledo HVAC company hopes to encourage homeowners to have their furnaces and heating appliances checked for possible damage in time for winter.

Interested parties who want to take advantage of the deal must dial 567-694-5523 to enjoy the discount. Included in the deal are the inspection and cleaning of the gas burners, pilot assembly, heat exchanger, fan control, flue venting, blower speed, and amp draw. Safety devices and electrical wiring will also be checked, and all moving parts lubricated.


Common Types of Heating Units

15 Oct

Winter heating is a huge concern in Ohio, so much so that the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has several assistance programs in place–like the Home Energy Assistance Program, for instance—to help households pay for their energy bills. However, some say that the best way to reduce household heating costs is to find the right heating unit. Anything else that is too large or too inefficient would definitely consume more power.

The most common heating unit is the forced air system which pumps out heated air throughout the house via a network of vents and ducts. Though it is simple to use, it tends to be rather noisy and requires frequent cleaning. Radiant heating systems, on the other hand, are designed to provide warmth to an entire room via heated floorboards, ceiling panels, and stoves. Although a bit complicated and expensive to install, these heating systems nonetheless incur lower operating costs in the long run.

Boilers are the answer for households that need hot water at all times without plenty of maintenance. Such devices are compact and can run on a variety of fuel sources like electricity, natural gas, propane, or even wood. Boilers are typically part of radiant heating systems that use steam.